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Instagram brand integration

Would you like to be a featured product or brand? If we think you’re a match, we will custom design a post featuring you! We can even add you to our daily Instagram stories.

Website news release

So you have something BIG to say! That’s awesome, and we have a BIG appetite. We can create your story, or you can do the storytelling, and we’ll share it with our tribe. Our featured stories are shared across the entire platform, so this will reach far beyond our tribe and get tongues wagging.

Partner promotion

Do you have something to share with our real foodie tribe? Excellent – our tribe is always hungry to try new things. We love to offer giveaways, samples and freebies. Tell us what you have to offer and we’ll tell you the best way to feed the foodies.

Real Food Instinct favourites

We have reserved a few VIP seats for special brands and businesses that we just can’t stop talking about. We design a package unique to your brand, so we can introduce you and talk you up in all the right moments as one of our favourites.